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  1. I was upgraded from Everest to AIDA 64 Engineer's Edition and I have sent the following message to upgrade AT finalwire.com, from where I received the upgrade notice last year. Unfortunately the email address now appears to be invalid: [*]This now seems to have expired. I am a bit peeved, because this morning I required some information about a client's workstation that AIDA64 could (probably) have given me, instead, however, it displays a message that my licence has expired - and goes no further. This seems to be at odds with this statement: [*] [*] "However, the last version of the product will remain fully functional after the maintenance period is expired." [*] [*]in your terms and conditions. [*] [*]Please advise how I might best continue my support of this product at the most reasonable terms. [*] [*]Thanks [*] [*]KD [*]Your AIDA64 Product Key [*]From: FinalWire Sales Team <upgrade AT finalwire.com> [*]Sent: 24/11/2010 00:10 [*]Dear KD Johnson, [*]Thank you for requesting an AIDA64 upgrade license. We have created the following AIDA64 Extreme Engineer license for you: [*]Name: KD Johnson [*]Email: kd AT colehill.co.uk [*]Company: Colehill Computer Associates [*]AIDA64 Product Key: **** [*]You can download AIDA64 Exreme Edition from www.aida64.com/downloads [*]If you have a technical issue, please feel free to submit a Support Ticket ... Please advise. KD
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