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  1. Hi it is my system spec: Cpu: 6700k intel Ram: 2x8 GB gskill trident z royal 3600Mhz ( run at xmp 3600 Mhz) mobo: ix code asus vga: xFx Rx 580 gprs 8 GB Power: cooler master 650 W long short , sometimes when i playing games i get bsod Watch dog timed out error or game crash to desktop, i did not have this problem before and i did not change anything in my pc since i have no bios change or hardware change i mean, i tried reinstalling windows also and update driver etc ... well after all of this i decided to check my system with aida 64 stability test and well here i am : FPU test after 10 sec stop and show me system failure error. ( i do not get bsod watch dog error during this or other stress tests) also i ran other stress testes for 30 45 min and no error seems like it just happen for fpu. i just wanna figure out what part of my pc is making this problems. pls help since this is the most weird problem i had ever.
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