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  1. OK, so I will keep HWiNFO64 when a computer need to be repaired, because it works with WinPE x64 (even WinPE 10). I hope you will switch in the future to a native 64 bit binary, it can help a lot
  2. Hi Fiery, Now do you have any plan about a native x64 version of AIDA64, because it can really help on WinPE x64. EFI x64 = WinPE x64 only, and I can't use AIDA64. HWiNFO64 helps me but is not so useful. Thanks
  3. OK thank you, I will check again later
  4. Hi, Maybe do you have news about it ? Even a beta version for now ? Thank you
  5. @dicht : I know that project, but I think it's not legal... I found microsoft said an answer similar to "it's not possible" or "we can't". Also, it's official, the subsystem WOW64 is not provided with Windows PE (you can click here). @Fiery : I understand it seems to be more complicated that I thought. So, do you plan to create a x64 native version, even a little or "basic" version (with less features) ?
  6. I have few examples : I have created a Live USB with Windows ADK (Windows PE 4, a Live "Windows 8") : with that program that boot (even with EFI, or with secure boot EFI) I can run diagnostics for PC with problems, change files, registry keys, test hard disk, RAM, Ghost, install Windows, download programs or drivers on internet if needed, etc... In fact, it's a home made "all in one" tool. I also use AIDA64 into my "Live 8" with a x86 system, but many new computers can't boot with legacy bios mode ; so I use more and more a x64 Windows PE, but AIDA64 can't run on it. I had the same problem
  7. Hi, I am an AIDA64 user (and customer), and I admit I use it very often. In fact, I found only 1 problem : aida64.exe is a 32 bit executable, and seems not exist into a native 64 bit form. Please, let me explain : Regularly, I use AIDA64 into Windows PE (x86), it's ok. But, into Windows PE x64, it don't work because Windows PE x64 don't have subsystem WOW64 to emulate 32 bit programs. For now, I see more and more computers with UEFI, and sometimes with an option to revert to "Legacy BIOS" mode. If "Legacy BIOS" mode is available, it's ok : I can boot Windows PE x86 and run AIDA64. But,
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