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  1. As far as I can tell. The developers of Aida have just walked away from this issue. It is far easier to blame AMD then to try and fix their software. I know plenty of members of the community, including myself, have offered throughout the years to help them test and fix this issue but they never take us up on the offer. In 2021 do not waste your money on this software just get HWinfo or HWmonitor as they both can see gpu sensor information without crashing your pc which aida 64 cannot do.
  2. This has been the excuse for several years now that it is on AMD to fix this issue. I am feeling at this time the developer of Aida64 just no longer able to support amd. Sadly i am feeling that this is a waste of $30 but such is life. If the developer is ever ready to continue troubleshooting this issue. I am willing to provide as many logs and testing as they would need.
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