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  1. It works if you disable the GPU sensor polling.

    I gave the last version that it works properly, now a simple fix is to tracking down what they change above that version and fix it.

    My personal opinion that the bug is in aida64 because hwinfo64 has the same sensor and i don't see a crash.

    And i am gonna bet that even someone use drivers from 2019 again it will crash with the last aida64.


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  2. I created an account here only to tell that the last version that don't has this bug is the:

    5.99.4900 build date 19/11/2018


    After this version i checked them all manually and all have the crash problem at least with rx580 and latest driver.

    So someone with older PC that don't care with latest change-log can use the version i mention above.

    It is compatible with latest windows 10 updates.

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