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  1. Okay, I'll arrange our marketing staff to contact you later, Thank you very much.
  2. Dear sir, First, thanks for your enthusiastic and timely reply! And what's a potential OEM relationship? Is it a channel sales or fullly OEM package? Did you have any form to help the other software get improvement on hardware detection by repayable service?
  3. Hello, the manufacturer of aida 64! I'm the product manager of DriveTheLife software which come from China, our marketing staff had ever contacted yours before, and it seems they got none reply yet. So I try to contact here, and we hope to get your reply. Our product has function of PC maintenance, which need module of hardware detection, we have good partnership with cpuid, but it's short of graphics, tempature and the other functions. So we want to bulid the cooperation with your aida 64. In short, we need your sdk or any form of support, can you give me a answer about it. We have millons of user and better resources in China, and we look forward to obtain cooperation with you eagerly.
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