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  1. Thank you very much! I'm opening my mail client. Regards, Honza KuchaÅ™
  2. Hello, I have tried AIDA64 on my server some time ago. I need to monitor my HDD temperatures. With AIDA64 1.x it was not working. Now AIDA64 is out. So i tried to install and AIDA sayied that my trial period expired. How can I check if AIDA64 2.0 can read my HDD temperatures? Can I somewhere reset my trial period? Thank you very much, Honza KuchaÅ™
  3. Sorry, my mabo is not compatible with IRST. It uses Intel Embeded Server RAID Technology II.
  4. Yes, I have RAID support enabled. SMART dump: ------[ AIDA64 v1.70.1400 ]------ ------[ Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 6.1.7601 (64-bit) ]------ ------[ Motherboard Info ]------ Motherboard ID : 63-0100-000001-00101111-093009-Chipset$0AAAA000_BIOS DATE: 09/30/09 12:52:30 VER: 08.00.10 Motherboard Model : Intel Hanlan Creek S5520HC Motherboard Chipset : Intel Tylersburg 5520, Intel Westmere DMI MB Manufacturer : Intel Corporation DMI MB Product : S5520HC DMI MB Version : E26045-454 DMI MB Serial : QSHN10201836 DMI SYS Manufacturer: Intel Corporation D
  5. AIDA64 is best hardware and software monitoring tool!

  6. Hello, I want to buy AIDA64 Bussiness Edition to monitor status of HDDs on server, but it does not show SMART informations wich I need. We will buy it for workstations, there it is working very well, also with RAID (Intel Matrix Storage), but not on server that has Intel S5520HC motherboard, 5 Western Digital HDDs and software RAID enabled drive controller (Intel MegaSR). (I checked "RAID SMART support" in settings) Attached two screenshots and AIDA64 hardware report. Is there any chance to make it woking? And also it would be fine to get working motherboard temperatures and fan speeds. :-
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