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  1. Good idea Fiery I haven't thought of it, and it's easier to implement for both of us (I'm beginner)! I've just found the option "shared memory" so, at worse I could try to make my own OSD panel. Thank for your consideration
  2. I made a similar request, I'm happy that I'm not the only one who want to display external data into AIDA
  3. Hello all, I am new, from France. I would like a way to add my own values to the OSD panel. Let me explain in details: I wrote a Windows program which read values from a temperature / moisture sensor connected to an Arduino: it's a hardware that allow to connect sensors, buttons, whatever, and programmable by USB, using Serial for bi directional communication. But it currently do nothing with these values, they are just there in my program, I would like to display them in the OSD panel, while my program run in background. Is it possible that you create a sort of external DLL that I can incl
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