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  1. bummer. cannot replicate the 1604 UEFI boot configuration as problem free on my end. while running Ai Suite with Fan Xtreme and AIDA64 sensor monitoring in background, my comp shutdown on its own unexpectedly (no BSOD) when I was typing a post on forums, however the difference was that it started (again on its own) shortly after, so there was no need to cycle the PSU. going to apply the fix, never liked Fan Xtreme regardless LOL. attached ISA Sensor debug (both Ai Suite & AIDA64 were running), win8 x64 UEFI boot. win8x64_UEFI_isasensordump.txt
  2. thanks for an update guys. And so there is more in that, since the same Ai suite works perfectly fine in UEFI mode ... so why does one component out of it causes a sudden crash of AIDA in non-UEFI mode? I was thinking perhaps ASUS BIOS has been bugged since a while and works well in UEFI-boot nowadays, while not so good in non-UEFI mode (since this was not the focus of latest improvements?) ... just a thought. agreeing with Stackoverflow13. I am also running win 8 pro UEFI now, later on will try replicating Stackoverflow's example. Fiery, did you go through all the sensor dumps we posted? Do they all look same good? Thanks!
  3. so ... Fiery would you be able to implement a fix in AIDA code to somehow make it work without crashing the board under scanarios we described (aka with Ai Fan Xpert installed in present or past)?
  4. yeah, it's confirmed this time, after Ai Suite uninstallation the 3 ASUS services (left over after complete uninstallation) need to be removed manually, then it's all good. The offending module of Ai Suite is the Fan Xpert and even when uninstalled it leaves those ASUS services somehow affected (AIDA keeps crashing the board on electrical level when they run). no such problem after full removal with all 3 services, this way even Ai Suite can be re-installed (wihtout Fan Xpert) and all works normally like it should be. NET STOP ASHMCOMSVC SC DELETE ASHMCOMSVC NET STOP ASCOMSVC SC DELETE ASCOMSVC NET STOP ASSYSCTRLSERVICE SC DELETE ASSYSCTRLSERVICE
  5. failure on my part, comp shut down ... so I guess I wil need to remove Ai Suite again and remove manually all 3 ASUS services as stackoverflow suggested ...
  6. yup, it's confirmed, both Stackoverflow and I were able to replicate the issue whenever the Ai Suite component "Fan Xpert" gets installed (doesn't matter if it gets uninstalled later). it seems this component alters the ASUS HM COM service in some way to allow for modifying the fan control dynamically in Windows (that surely happens on voltage level of motherboard through the BIOS). simple uninstallation of the whole Ai Suite leaves behind the corrupted ASUS HM COM service which then conflicts with AIDA64 sensor polling (yes, ATKEX was enabled). The workaround is to manually delete the ASUS HM COM service from elevated command line after the uninstallation of the whole Ai Suite (it can be re-installed later without Fan Xpert module), by means of those commands: 1) uninstall Ai Suite completely, NOTE if USB3.0 Boost hangs on uninstall (was happening to me on windows 7x64) then close the application and start over re-installing everything except USB3.0 Boost, then use REVO Uninstaller to remove all the leftovers, restart system after that. 2) from elevated command prompt type command (first one stop the ASUS HM COM service, second one removes it) NET STOP ASHMCOMSVC SC DELETE ASHMCOMSVC I included the ISA Sensor dump from my testing box (fresh win8x64 with whole AI suite + AIDA64 latest beta running) after the problem occurred. win8_crash_isasensordump.txt
  7. it's the ASUS HM COM service, because the other two ASUS services I have (COM and Control) were installed together with ROG OC Key while there was no Ai Suite present. the third one got added (ASUS HM) after Ai Suite installation. for a moment I was gettnig erratic sensor polling from Ai Probe, but noticed that AIDA had ATKEX disabled in settings, that could cause conflict right? enabled ATKEX and now let both apps running. edited above post with sensor dump from win8, however I don't know if problem occurs here yet, because Ai Suite was just installed. soon I will be going back to win7 (restoring from image) for a few days and can re-dump sensors debug from that system (problem was happening frequently with AIDA). also, I use only 3 fan headers on the MB, but I can see Chassis Fan3 and OPT3 (and CPU FAN RPM) with no trouble in both aida64 and Ai Suite ... I also use OPT2 temp sensor and it is visible as well.
  8. windows 8 pro, aida64 latest running (ATKEX enabled) together with latest AI suite, attached. isasensordump.txt
  9. reposting what I posted in ASUS ROG thread. interestingly the clean w8 install (ai suite was never installed on it) which I restored on ssd doesn't cause trouble so far. been keeping aida64 running at all times, comp has been up for 3 hours and I left it idling alone at least 3 times, half an hour each time. I will install some more of my daily apps and maybe a game or two so I can occupy myself with something, maybe watch a movie and leave it idling over night and report back. have we all having trouble used Ai Suite at one point (even if uninstalled later)? it seems leaves something behind even after full uninstall and cleanup with REVO Uninstaller (that's what I used to get rid off it, couldn't uninstall USB3.0 Boost normally) ...
  10. Thanks for suggestion Fiery, I can go ahead and test that theory, because I am running a temporary OS now ... however since I removed the SSD from system (running on old spinner drive) ... now there seems to be no problem LOL! ... let me backup & restore it on SSD, so all variables are closer to real life environment. then I will test what you said.
  11. ASUS ROG forums up and running again, please if you are signed up in there, post your experience, ASUS techs need to realize that there is a problem along with AIDA techs/developers and maybe work together on finding the culprit? here's the thread: http://rog.asus.com/...g-in-background
  12. wow! so it's not limited to Maximus V Extreme boards? is the latest 1805 BIOS for P877VPRO with UEFI enhacements for windows 8 compatibility (and "stability improvements" in release notes)? on my side I can update that the propblem re-occured on beta AIDA64 running, 1604 BIOS here, no other monitoring software was running (I closed all others like EVGAPX and RTTI)... it's not purely AIDA64 that is trigerring it tho ... here's the thing. I started it using remote desktop session (TeamViewer connection) while at work and it kept idling for 5 hours with no trouble at 4.9GHz (my daily CPU overclock, rock solid, trust me on this) and I though, so the case is solved! ... Then I got back home, literally 15 minutes ago, powered up monitor (all running good) and disabled headphones from the integrated audio (Front Panel jacks), started Pandora radio app on speakers connected to rear IO and used the system for maybe 5 minutes at idle (was typing a PM to a friend in Firefox browser) ... mind it was idling then, literally zero load (save for Pandora playing) ... and then bam! it suddenly shutdown on its own without BSOD and I wasn't able to power it up again until I cycled the PSU ... I also cleared CMOS and entered BIOS to only adjust my exhaust fan speed (rest is hooked up to external hardware controller), left everything at default stock like CPU, memory at 1333 ... upon WIndows logon I heard lagging audio sound, never happened again once in desktop and all is normal gain ... wth ... My bet is on bugged BIOS and AIDA merely triggering it ... not sure what to think about the Realtek audio driver (latest official version here) now though ... perhaps this is what is conflicting with AIDA?
  13. thanks stackoverflow. For some strange reason I am not receiving any kind of email notifications from this forums (no, it's not in Junk, I checked). will get to that PM in a second via forums interface. I agree, our OS are different, but win8 x64 is just a minor upgrade (save for Metro UI) over win7 x64, not so far apart. that's a difference however, I agree. The Ai Suite conflict was the first thing suggesteg in ROG Forums, but I don't have it installed (had it in past but removed everything some time ago). Other suggestion from Raja@ASUS, apart from CPU instability problem (I say impossible unless this CPU really hates AIDA LOL!) he suggested also shutting off all other monitoring software that I normally run (and yet it never was a problem on 704 BIOS for this board). however in last post (read it before the ASUS ROG webserver crapped out around noon) he also suggested checking on C-States vs SSD stability which *could* be related to those newer BIOSes (I am now on 1604 as well) and AIDA64 triggering it somehow ... well, my point in that thread was exactly that all along among those lines (new BIOS vs AIDA conflict), so generally he agreed with it at some point. so here I am in AIDA64 forums trying to solve that riddle ... That being said, just to check, do you keep C-States (C3, C6 and Package C-state) on default auto or manually disabled (since most SSDs benefit from this setting)? so to rule out motherboard hardware fault I have to ask, did you have such problems with older BIOS, e.g. 704 (or older) and AIDA running? I didn't, which brings me to thinking that something in microcode of new UEFI BIOSes (1501+ or even probably 1309+) is trigerring the near hardware failure on electrical level when AIDA64 monitoring runs, perhaps it's about some sensor polling problem ... but since there is no BSOD when fault happens there is no way to tell what exactly caused it .... Fiery, can we enable some debugging options in AIDA64 which could help pinpoint the case (if that is inside AIDA64) that causes board failure (sort of electrical lockup or sudden restart)?
  14. OK thanks. I started the latest beta and left it running at default settings (ASUS ATKEX sensor support enabled), no other monitoring software present (closed EVGAPX and RTTI). will see how it goes, but based on stackoverflow's experience I am not holding my breath. I also filed a ticket with AIDA64 Support describing the issue and linking back to this thread.
  15. Fiery, in AIDA64 2.70.2200 I see no such option "Asus ATKEX" under Preferences/Stability. the only thing which relates to ASUS is called "SMBus access through ACPI (ASUS motherboards)" and that is unchecked. should I update to latest Beta and re-test? for now I stopped Evga Prec X and RT and left AIDA running, will see later if my system crashes at long idle (be back iona few hours).
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