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  1. Any further advice? If not then we will consider solutions from other vendors. In reality i agree with what u said, We need the Engineer version as it has unlimited computer usage, but to actually achieve what we want to do we need the command line option. I don't want to install anything on the local PC's. I want the Aida Sotware on a network server. I then want to run a batch file on the local PC that will run the Aida software from the server that creates an HTML hardware report and then writes this back to our server. So if you can imagine, we have new PC's that have just been built, they will have Windows preloaded on to them. Aida will then make a report of the hardware and store that information on one of our servers and that PC will then go off to be boxed up for shipping to customer. The reason for having the command line option is to stream line this process. That way the process can be automated and each PC can be processed in under 30 seconds before moving on to the next one. So AIDA only gets used on each PC for about 30 seconds its just that its one machine after another creating a report and writing it to our server. These reports are then stored for future quality issues should customer raises an issue with the build or if we need to check in to something. Years ago we did use Aida32 for this very same process with great success.
  2. For the purpose of what we need to do i think we are going to need command line option. As we need to run the report with no user interaction and then write the data back to the server. We can do this perfectly with Aida64 using command line and have tested this with Trial version. I do believe we need the command line option as its the right way to do what we want.
  3. I emailed you a week ago about this however i got no response from you. We would like to use Aida to take hardware snapshots of new systems going down our production line as sort of a quality control thing, however the problem is your licensing method does not quite fit what i want to do but seems more pointing towards the systems being licensed being always there. We would need to use the Business version because we need the command line options to run Aida, however because all we are going to do is run a one off snapshot of each system as it passes through our production line, which basically means something like 30 seconds on each machine with the Aida software not even being on the machine itself but on our server, how many copies do i need to license? In your licensing you ask how many machines are on the network, in my case this is a lot as its production facility but they are using the network for installing there OS, Bios updating so this would not be a good way to license the product as the amount of machines that would actually be running Aida at the same time would be very small compared to how many machines are plugged in to the network. The difference as well is that its not the same machine, its lots of different machines. In effect each machine only runs the software once to record its Hardware details. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Coops
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