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  1. Thanks for the suggestion and I had this option enabled but disabling it didn't change anything. In the mean whil I tried a couple of more ways to run the program. Also the task planer runs the program only without the arguments. These are my used arguments "/R /DELAY 60 \\FS01\Aidareports\$HOSTNAME /CSV /AUDIT /HW /SAFE /SILENT"
  2. I'm sure. And it works works with the arguments but not when I start the program while a user is loggin in. And btw, using the task planer is working as well. I'm thinking about using the /delay <seconds> argument. But it is strange.
  3. I'm running Aida from a shared folder by using a batch file. This is the command line start \\Server\Shares\aida64.exe /ACCEPTBG /R /DATABASE /AUDIT /SAFE /SILENT But whe the user is signed in the program starts normal, visible for the user and all other arguments are ignored. This happens on several different workstations with WinXP, Win7, Windows Server 2008 R2. This is a domain network and I have entered a registry entry for the startup.bat on all workstations over a GPO. Firewall is disabled by GPO and when I manually start the program from it's share it will run as supposed. Can anyone help?
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