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  1. I guess it is a fit that he has done with some readings asumed to be correct or eventually ñeasured. I mean, it has the look of a self built law, nothing official.
  2. Thank you Fiery. I'll keep an eye on this thread, as I am really interested! BTW, maybe it is in your to-do list, but at side of the temp correction discussed, also a Tjmax for each core and a slope value for each core would be a nice improvement, instead of the single Tjmax value for all cores that there is already. Personally I am more interested in the general temp correction, as discussed, though.
  3. So I guess that it means that AIDA64 can't add offsets to temps to correct them... For me, this is incredible that a software like AIDA, which aim to pro market too, does not offer this. I hope it will be added in recent new versions. It is quite easy to do. Well, thanks anyway.
  4. Sorry, but for measuring ambient temps, the best way is still to use a good analog thermometer. At least, much more reliable than use Pc Probe. And first, I want to measure ambient outside the case, not on mobo. Second, Aida64 and Asus PC Probe give the same reading for the ambient temp (I have the probe outside the case, fan inlet), so it is useless to use PC Probe (and it seems logical as both read the same sensors...). As my analog thermometer is very good, I trust it. So, how can I correct Aida64 temps? (Not Vcore temps). Is it not possible at all for Aida64?
  5. Hello, I have found that my Asus mobo temp probes are shown in Aida64 with more or less 5C more than my analog thermometer says. So I would like to add a simple offset to the affected temps in order to show them correctly. How can I do that in AIDA64, please? Does someone knows how to do that? I am not talking about changing the Tjmax, which is for CPU Core temps, I would need to adjust by means of a delta or offset other temps. Thank you!
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