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  1. I'm very new at OC and doing all this stress test. I've just tried your software and I just cant get my head around on what would be unstable? I've only tested it for 20 mins, tomorrow hopefuly i will leave it for a couple of hours. but in those 20 mins the only thing i saw was the CPU load going up and down sometimes (and also the temps). It is worth mentioning that i didnt close any of the background applications (antivirus, and 3rd apps), but i did stop using the pc. But what i wonder is how do i know that my system is unstable? if it freezes completely or resets itself? or is the mere fact that the CPU didn't stay up at 100% all the time an indication that is not stable?. I would appreciate some guidance on how would i measure unstable. Thank you =) i got a score 45203 - 4x Core i7-965 Extreme HT 4166 MHz Asus Rampage II Extreme X58 Triple DDR3-1853 9-9-9-24 CR2
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