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  1. Thanks, and yes i allways start AIDA64 with admin rights (rightclick) because, as you stated above, else i would not be able to use some of the sensors. But the problem is, that admin AIDA64 cannot work with NOADMIN gadget! Only the following combinations work: 1. AIDA64 withou admit rights + gadget (started as normal user) 2. login as admin: AIDA64 + gadget (in this case both tools have admin rights, because i logged in as admin) the problem is, i only work as normal user! i have no problem starting AIDA64 with admin rights (right click) but it seems to be not possible to start any gadget with admin rights! i have read somewhere about a workaround: startin the whole sidebar as admin (but this has to be done over the task scheduler and causes other problems because this way all gadget are working with admin rights). i simply need a way to get ADIA64 (with admin rights) comunicate with the normal gadget. EDIT: i have added a sreenshot of the situation: - aida64 is running with admin rights (as you can see because all of the sensors are shown) - gadged is startet but cannot find aida64 working
  2. Hi, i recently bought AIDA64 (used everest ultimate until last week) and i have some problems with the gadget: 1. at first where do i get the gadget for AIDA64 is it the same everest used? Do i have to download it somewhere first? 2. i never got the windows vista sidebar gadget running for everest, because: 2.1: everest (and i think AIDA64 too) HAS to run with admin rights for full functionality! (with normal rights some sensors are not shown/working) 2.2: i definitely canot disable the windows UAC, because i need it, the UAC was the only reason for me to go from windows XP to windows vista 2.3: but the gadget works when starting everest (AIDA64) with normal user rights or when loging in with a full admin account (because in this case, even the gadget has admin rights and i found out that both programms have to be started with the same rights to communicate)! But that is not what i want. I want to log in as normal user, start AIDA64 with admin rights and use the gadget! The problem is that i cannot run the gadget with admin rights, i think that would be the solution, or finding a way to let AIDA64 with admin right, comunicate with the gadget with normal rights. 3. How do all the other users manage to get everest/AIDA64 running with the gadget?
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