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  1. Hi! Here are my comments. 1. More details on my environment: Boot Mode: UEFI boot CSM: Disabled Secure Mode: Disabled TPM: Enabled (But BitLocker not used) Hyper-V: Enabled (I use WSL2 and Windows Sandbox) Memory Integrity: Disabled. I can't enable it because of incompatible drivers of Creative X-Fi and VirtualBox. Hypervisor-Protected Code Integrity (HVCI): Disabled 2. The v6.33.5769 has no the issue in this environment. 3. I've checked the issue not fixed in v6.50.5806. 4. CPU-Z and HWiNFO apps have never had such a problem for me in Windows 10 and 11. 5. The Hyper-V enabling had affected functionality of VirtualBox (also of Docker and VMWare Workstation) in Windows 10. The problem was fixed in VirtualBox. But it was repeated in Windows 11. However, the issue has fixed in the latest release of VirtualBox.
  2. Hi, I've surprised the clocks of my CPU, motherboard, and RAM have too low values with Intel Z170 chipset since v6.33.5772 in Windows 11. The same issue is in v6.50.5800. The CPU & RAM benchmark results are too low correspondingly. But no problem up to v6.33.5769. Here are the wrong clock values: But here are the right clock values: cpuidmsrdump.txt
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