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  1. Three weeks have passed, please fix this problem as soon as possible. Because I urgently need to know which ECC is actually used in my system.
  2. After restarting Windows, the new beta version still doesn't work.
  3. Why is there no response to a bug submitted via the support form for three business days? Conversation ID: 25983 Priority: Urgent CK W a day ago via Helpcenter Is there a solution to this problem? CK W 4 days ago via Email Email: wxxxx21@gmail.com URL: /support/contactform From: CK W Company: Product: AIDA64 Extreme Product key: RXXXX-MXXX6-1XX93-2XXXX-2XXXX Version: 6.50.5800 OS: Windows 10 64-bit System: CPU: Intel Xeon W-2255 motherboard: Asus Pro WS C422-ACE Memory: 64GB Registered DDR4 video card: Nvidia Quadro T400 Problem: No "Error Correction" in the "Chipset" chipset.png
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