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  1. Yes, I have a mining rig Thanks for the update, please add translation also, but it is not a must for me
  2. Hi I have 12 nvidia GPUs running Win10, but in sensors I can see GPU1 to GPU8 only. Is there any fix to see all 12 sensors for GPU temp, usage etc ? In Display/GPGPU I see all 12 gpus.
  3. I have a similar problem. When application uses GPU then I open AIDA64 and it shows correct values of GPU usage and temperature. When I stop applicatoin and real GPU usage decreases - then AIDA64 also shows decreasing of values. Unfortunately when application resumes GPU usage then AIDA64 stucks on decreased value and cannot read new. To fix I have to restart AIDA64. I use HD6990 and catalyst 13.1 under win7 64bit ultimate. Please kindly help.
  4. Thank You. I installed newer driver for ATK0110 and also changed all "EnableUlps" values in registry from "1" to "0". Now PC works non-stop since few days and no problem at all Multi-GPU and kernel driver are enabled now. Shortly all is enabled except "RAID smart support" and "DIMM thermal sensor support". Today I installed ATI Catalyst 11.6 and problem returned. I solved it again by disabling "EnableUlps" feature in registry (as above).
  5. I installed v 1.80.145 and there is the same problem. In windows events there is information about WHEA-Logger error, critical system error - reported by processor core. It appears only when I start AIDA64 and open OSD settings or other options which use system sensors Another thing. I opened GPU-Z and at full utilization (99%) it shows 90C, but AIDA 64 shows 93-94C
  6. Hello I have: Asus P5K EPU motherboard, 2GB RAM, 2 x HD6990 in Crossfire and use Win7 32-bit. I need to use GPU alerts and as I see they are available only when kernel driver is enabled in program options. Anyway when it is enabled it causes permanent system freeze. It seems there is no problem when kernel driver is disabled, but then I do not have access to GPU sensors. I managed to temporary solve this problem by loading software on windows startup, but after 2-3 restarts it is the same. In windows log there is something about processor core error. I have another PC with exactly the sam
  7. It would be good to add alert for GPU utilization and set if value is under x % Now I use temperature alert , but it is not the same. I need it for JOB Finished monitoring, but temperature requires a short brake between 2 jobs (until temperature decreases). GPU utilization alert would be the best. GPU utilization is about 99% at my PC and it would be good to receive email notify when it is lower than 90%. Sorry for my English
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