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  1. the new disk usage is great! Is the program able to show a hard drive read and write percentage? Or something like page fault delta reading in the task manager?
  2. Hey would it be possible to implement something like a disk usage number or percentage? Like in the Windows Resource Monitor, they give the disk activity in kb/s and the Highest Active Time percent value. Would be really cool for the G15 LCD Thanks -Blimp
  3. thanks Fiery, great support
  4. Hey devs I really like how there are the options to see the NIC1 download and upload rates, I use this all the time on my G15 keyboard, It would be really cool to see a usage value, in megabytes of how much the current session has downloaded and uploaded. This would be awesome because I always like to watch how many MBs have been used, etc,. It is a lot of clicks to get to this window to check how many bytes I've used: Thanks Blimp
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