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  1. Hi Fiery, You are spot on. I deleted the registry path and checked for a .INI file (didn't have one) - made no difference. I then realised that I had changed my primary display recently (in a multi-monitor set up) so I set everything back to as it was. The Aida 64 window then came up on a secondary display. I then dragged the window onto the 'old' primary display. I then set the primary display back to how I now want it to be. The next invocation then started up fine. Many thanks- excellent support Kind regds, JR
  2. Hi Fiery, I have uninstalled Aida64 (Control panel > uninstall program - is this sufficient?) I have downloaded the latest beta (now 2160). I haven't installed it as there is no self-installing exe included in the package. When I run the downloaded (2160) Aida64 application - I get a task bar entry but no Aida Windows is launched. I have no other hardware monitoing software installed. Regds, JR
  3. Hi, I updated my BIOS on Asus P8Z77 WS to the latest release 3105. On the first invocation of Aida64 following a reboot a motherboard unrecognised report is generated (a copy of which I have sent) Following this Aida64 fails to launch correctly (no screen comes up). I've tried release 2.6.2100 and beta 2.60.2153 - still has same problem. Prior to installing latest BIOS had no problems. Will this problem be solved in a new release sometrime soon? Regds, JR
  4. Thank you - very helpful Kind regds, JR
  5. Hi I've just installed new version 1.8. I enabled the new Sensor Panel in Preferences but all I'm getting displayed is a panel with a block of colour - there are no attributes being displayed in the panel. My rig is Asus P8P67 (BIOS 1608), Core I5-2500K running Windows 7 HP x64bit. Is this a known problem? Am I doing something wrong? Any advice would be appreciated. Kind regds, JR
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