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  1. Ah so that is what it is. Thank you so much for answering that!
  2. This is quite weird or is it normal? My 8700k running stock with no overclock all cores down clock to 4.1GHz during the FPU test alone. CPU test alone will run at the full 4.3GHz. Why is the FPU dropping all cores down to 4.1GHz and is it normal?
  3. I am having random freezing while gaming. I ran Aida64 with all tests checked for 24 hours straight. No crashing, errors or any thing. How is this possible if Aida64 is stressing the system to the max with all tests checked? It should have failed? Someone reviewed my bugcheck and found the following. ******************************************************************************* * * * Bugcheck Analysis * * * ******************************************************************************* Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information. BugCheck 124, {0, ffffb988e6064028, be000000, 100
  4. With that option selected only and running the test. Is the 4790K suppose to drop to 4.0GHz on all cores? CPU test alone. It will stay at 4.2GHz on all cores.
  5. How many house are we looking at for FPU test? And how long for everything all together?
  6. I would like to test the stability for my new system. What settings are best to use? If I remember. FPU checked alone was best for cpu test? How long should tests take? I was just going to select them all and let it run for a few hours. But, don't think that is optimal way of doing it?
  7. Can someone make a simple how to? I don't even know how to enable or get this started. My cpu is a AMD Phenom II.
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