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  1. Back again. Dell released the XPS 9560 and it has the same switched sensors again (confirmed by a couple of other owners). It seems a minor update, switch to kaby lake and GTX1050. I attached the same dump files as before, hope it has everything you need or yell with whats next isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt sensorprof.txt
  2. Good thanks, would it be possible to assign temp 4 as the DIMM please to match the BIOS readout?
  3. Thanks, someone on the NBR forums pointed out what I should already know, it is the VRM sensor
  4. Hi, the DIMM sensor displayed in AIDA64 is not showing the correct sensor. I have been troubled by it saying the DIMM's were hitting 90 degrees when in reality they were in the upper 30's as they were warm to the touch. A bit of investigating with air spray and they a q-tip with the air duster liquid revealed it was this sensor at the back of the board where the exit vents are located. Hopefully the right logs are attached BIOS reports the correct temps for the DIMM's Thanks. sensorprof.txt isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt
  5. It seems they have a custom raid firmware on the intel sata controller as it is fine in AHCI mode, oh well
  6. It did it on the Raid dump now I finally decided to risk it after accidentally clicking on sensors again
  7. hi, I have done a fresh install to rule out anything else but opening Aida64 then trying to access sensor information results in a BSOD, this is via the sensor tab or the stability test with the following BSOD logged. Fingers crossed you have enough info to pint me in the right direction as I am reluctant to do a trial and error as this is a server. Thanks. isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt
  8. Could you add an option up account for scaling? I am at 200% so that answers that things do not always have to be automatic to work
  9. Hi, I have enabled OSD to show my resolution in game, it shows 1600x900 but my screen defaults 3200x1800 (and it is at that now) What debugs do you need to look at this? Thanks.
  10. Best thing you can do it dump the TMS as it is bound to fail and start sounding the alarm at startup for no reason. So glad mines in the bin and now using PWM via the motherboard
  11. That explains it then, the diagnostics only show battery and CPU temp. Thanks.
  12. booted up and it was on 28, same as last night after being on all day so it is safe to say it's stuck on 28.
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