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  1. Disabling Koolance support didnt help. I don't have a T-Balaner, But I did some research on it, and it look like it uses a FTDI chip just like the Arduino system, My guess is that it also uses the same generic FTDI VCP drivers. However I have changed the PID of my project.
  2. Hi, I've noticed that AIDA64 writes data to random serial ports when 'Low-level SMBus operations' is checked in the Preferences > Stability tab the data sent always seems to be the bytes "0, 224, 0, 255" This is a problem because i have been tinkering with a platform called Arduino which uses a serial port to update the 'sketch'. 80% of the time when i try and update the sketch i will get the error "Serial port 'COM3' already in use. Try quiting any programs that may be using it.". However when i disable 'Low-level SMBus operations' it works 100% of the time of course disabling 'Low-level SMBus operations' isnt really and option as it disables all of the sensor information.
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