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  1. I can confirm it has been fixed with 5.95.4500 (stable) but it must be enabled. See image below for details.
  2. I have waited long enough been patient since June monitoring a couple threads here on the same issue. Rather than post in them like some others and be forgotten I issue this reset. I have a EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 ELITE GAMING BLACK, 11G-P4-6797-K2 Neither Aida64 ver. 5.92.4300 or 5.92.4391 Beta show 1/2 of the sensor data available through GPUz, Precision XOC or HWiNFO64 I saw it suggested in another thread where it works with Precision running and or newest Nvidia drivers. To be clear sensor data is missing whether Precision is running or not and the latest Nvidia Driver is installed which makes no difference. This is becoming quite annoying. When we will see this fixed? my nvidiasmbusdump.txt is attached. The screen shots make it clearer. Edit: 11/20/2017 Thought I should add It was also mentioned to try the latest beta but as you can see from the screen above that's exactly what I tried. nvidiasmbusdump.txt
  3. With all due respect I tried exactly what you suggested 1st with no success I still could not get Adia64 Ex to start with windows. Currently I'm experimenting with not disabling UAC which I had done in the past since Vista immediately to avoid the hassel. It seems Windows has improved the interface because I have not been overly annoyed by it with either the upgraded version and my clean install version moreover I have not gotten the exceptions you refer to with Adia64 Ex enabled through registry and starting with windows. Eventually I will clean install W10 on this device but I offered this as a viable known working solution for those upgrading to W10 and the same issue as I. As always YMMV I HAVE NO DOUBT ANY WHO HAVE THIS SAME ISSUE SHOULD TRY THE ADMINISTRATOR'S SOLUTION 1ST.
  4. There are few software programs I don't care to live without. One of them is Aida64 Extreme. I've been using it for the 20 years they've been around. Happy Anniversary! and here's to 20 more. cheers. After a recent upgrade to W10 x64 Pro from 8.1 Pro, Aida64 was no longer starting with windows automatically as I prefer. If this is you I have a fix. I tried many things to fix it, like uninstall> reinstall Aida64 Extreme, UN-tick the preference from Aida64 preferences dialog> then restart the tick it again and restart, adding it to the startup folder through RUN. shell:startup, disabling and re-enabling through the task manager, disabling all startup programs one at a time and all at once, disabling all AV & Internet security and finally uninstall Aida64 Extreme> registry clean (CCleaner)> restart> reinstall but still not luck. Oh and I searched this forum as well which brings me to the fix. It's a registry hack but very easy to do just make sure to backup your registry before you start so you can restore it if things go wrong. 1. Tap the windows key and type “regedit†glance at the results to make sure the “regedit.exe†is highlighted and click enter if not left click it and the registry editor will start. 2. or Hold the windows key+R and bring up the run dialog box and type in "regedit" and hit enter whichever way you prefer is fine. 3. Before you click on anything or expand any dialog, click on “File†then “Export†and save a copy of your registry to a folder you will remember. This will be a full backup of your entire registry. I recommend making a new backup before making any changes in the future as well. Or just backup the key you are changing but you get the point. 4. Now Navigate to this registry key location: "hkey_local_machine\software\wow6432node\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run" 4. Right click on the right side of the panel and select> “New String†value and that will create a new string value that you name whatever you like but I used "Aida64 Extreme†click enter to create the string 5. Now Double click your new string value or right click it and under where it says "value data" type in the dialog box the location of “aida64.exeâ€. The default location should be: "C:\Program Files (x86)\FinalWire\AIDA64 Extreme\aida64.exe†(without the quotes of course) and click enter once again to complete. 6. Before you close the registry to complete the process it’s time to add another best practice step to the process. Click on Favorites and name this location RUN or whatever but so you’ll recognize it. This works the same way a browser does. Every time you open the registry editor the location you just edited will be readily available at any point down the road. Once done close the editor. 7. That's it! You're done. Now you can restart your PC to see that Aid64 Extreme now starts up automatically with Windows 10! GL and I hope this helps keep someone from formatting and reloading to fix this problem which would have been my next step had this not worked. It should be noted I had no issues with a clean install of Windows 10 with Aida64 Extreme and this procedure should not be needed if that’s you.
  5. The way I did it the version that showed through the Aida64 > about > dialog was build 2706. It just revealed it self as a trial version vs the paid version. If you still think extracting it in to the aida folder would produce different results I will try that. The only real reason I didn't do that is I didn't want to loose all the time I've spent modifying the sensor panel. If I knew the way to back that up and restore ODS and Sensor Panel I'd be more inclined to give that a shot. There are two config files and a mem and manifest files all of which might need backing up just not sure how many and which files for sure. BTW TY for the explanation on the GPU Test. It does seem to be needing a little bit of refinement. Losts of folks are being pointed to the Aida64 stress test as the go to resource on Haswell. Head over to OCN forums to see what I mean it's only natural for folks to use the GPU test as well or think they can anyway. Again TY
  6. Let me add that HWInfo64 has also corrected the issue of freezing with beta version 4.27.2040. The previous beta ver. with sensor panel open would freeze system when playing youtube video through browser and cpu core temp reports are still accurate as well.
  7. How do I install that there is no installer in the package Edit Okay I closed the current version 4.00.2700 then click on the application icon in the package you linked to and the trial version opened showing the 2706 build in the "about " appellate. Opened my browser and was able to play video from within it without a system freeze. However I will reiterate the same is true with the 4.00.2700 build where any of the 3.xx.xxxx builds the system will freeze when trying to stream a video from a browser. It appears the 2706 [trial version] has corrected the misreporting of haswell temps which where -15c avg from what ver 4.00.2600 as compared to HWInfo64 reports. Now all are reporting the same thing except the 2 core blocked out with [Trial Version]. For example on avg at idle aida build 2700 reports 17-20c CPU cores 1-4 when my ambient temps are 25-26c I know this system is on the bench with an H100i for cooling which is good but not that good. HWinfo64 reports 32-34c avg idle Cores 1-4 which appears more accurate so too does aida 2706. However there are a few things that don't look right: At GPU idle the GPU Bus Type: fluctuates back and forth between "PCI-E 3.0 x16 @ 1.1 x1" and "PCI-E 3.0 x16 @ 1.1 x16". GPU PowerControl: reports -1000% at idle and load FurMark or Aida64 GPU stress test GPU Stress Test is flawed. System overall becomes unresponsive at best. AT 100% LOAD: GPU Mem Clock reports 150MHz GPU MC Util. reports 0%, GPU Memory Clock reports 150MHz, GPU temps rose to 94c but fan failed to scale up to 54% where is should go when card is set to uber mode. Conversely using FurMark v1.12.0.0 all reports appear normal. GPU Memory Clock reports 1250 MHz, GPU MC Util. reports 88% rises to 94c but fan ramps up to 54% and lowers temps to 90c (Note: R9 290x is in uber mode) CPU core: and CPU VID appear to be reporting exactly the same thing. where voltage read point and HWInfo64 report 1.272v at load not 1.248. Also VCCIN is missing from available sensors/reports. Also the same is reported (1.248v) for both (CPU Core & CPU VID) at idle and load. It should be noted using 4.00.2700 GPU stress test is equally dissatisfying exhibiting the same behavior except GPU PowerControl reports 0% vs -1000% although occasionally the -1000% pops up there and yes that is minus one thousand percent. So it would appear the GPU stress test is flawed with both versions.
  8. Not sure what of all the above worked I do know the most current edittion (4.00.2700) non beta has resolved the condition for me. Thanks a ton for all your effort and getting on top of this like you did.
  9. TY FIERY I will work on all the above and report back. There is aida, amd/ccc, Adobe flash and windows updates that I will perform 1st to see where it stands. From there I will log as best I can the results.
  10. Hello I'm here to report a bug with Aida64 v3.20.2656 beta. 1st the trouble: When I open anyone of three browser and attempt to play a video from youtube the system freezes when Aida64 and it's OSD is running. Only by using front panel reset or holding in the start buttom can I recover no amount of time resolves it. It happens overclocked and at optimized defaults. The same is true when running HWInfo64 > sensors The problem has left me with an unusable piece of software which I pay for yearly and have so for 8 or more years or before Aida took over. What I did to try and resolve the issue: At first I Googled it and tried a registry hack then I formatted and reloaded windows 8 again but turned off auto updates after the reload load followed by loading lan drivers only so I could install KBxxxxxx to allow 8.1 to show in the store. Worked like a charm with no other updates and was recommended by Microsoft in lieu of a clean install. I then downloaded and installed 8.1 on a fresh copy of 8. Then I installed all drivers followed by one piece of software at a time testing in between each installation to see that youtube still works. Note playing video files has the same effect >>> freezing >>>> hard reset It wasn't until I had installed Aida64 and configured the OSD to start with windows that the failure occurred which is when I discovered turning it off had the opposite effect of allowing videos to play. Because I overclock and game using Origin I use the Aida64 OSD to keep tract of vitals so in an attempt to work around the issue I tried HWInfo64 which is when I discovered that both pieces of software have the same effect. A few things should be noted: I completely close both products to eliminate the freezing and it occasionally requires me to restart the system and without Aida64 starting with windows. It happens with IE11 Mozilla firefox and Chrome and overclocked or at optimized defaults. System Specs: MSI Z87 G45 Gaming AMI Bios ver 1.5 Intel 4770K G.Skill Trident X memory MSI R9-290x GPU Corsair HX750 PSU Intel SSD 530 series 256GB (OS) Windows 8.1 Pro x64 One other little bug occasionally the motherboard temp sensor not NB etc, the mobo sensor disappears and is slow to start with OSD I feel like I have come a long way to resolving this on my own however I'm not sure if it repeatable by similar systems or if it's an Microsoft Aida, Intel or MSI issue For sure I have all the latest drivers bios and updates available and it appears the bios is using the latest Intel processor micro code with ver. 1.5 I have not tried your non beta of Aida64 Extreme (Paid ver) on the reload of windows but did on the original upgraded windows with the same freezing as a result. Please LMK if there is anything I can do to help resolve this issue. Regards, Wayne
  11. just an update I bought an Asus P8Z68-V Pro for testing I hooked up the same HDD w/windows on it from the MSI board other than the re-authorization widows requires all went well. When I run CPUz 1.58v on the new board I have no issue with aidia running which points to the MSI as the culprit of the issue. Still not sure if it's bios or drivers of MSI but the only difference was the mobo. I hope this helps.
  12. I'm in direct contact via email with Franck on this issue and offered a much help as I can which is not much. I certain they are working on it and will update here when the a final solution is found.
  13. Thanks for the link stasio. It's clear to me now that with this .ini edit CPUz is reporting VID but what does this mean. Do I have a defective sensor in this CPU? Is this problem limited to my setup only? Is it limited to MSI board? Why else would it hang when set Sensor=1? But this makes no sense because MSI "Control Center" & Aida64 seems to reads the vCore fine, at least it corresponds +/-.03v with what is set in the UEFI Bios. So the CPU Vcore is reporting which means I'm not sure what. I can only assume there is a problem with CPUz but I have not yet seen anyone else reporting the problem which is a bit odd. edit: added Q Is this limited to MSI board?
  14. We I guess Im not positive I know shortly after I was ask to test the system using the Sensor=0 edit they sent me a CPUz.zi file to try and it didn't work so they are likely still working on it.
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