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  1. that would be very nice , thanks in advance, and hope this gets implemented as id really appreciate it as said
  2. first off im really lovin aida64, thou it would be really important to me if you could add support for autohide the OSD for the desktop like you mousebump to the left or the right of your screen , depending on where you locate the OSD to your desktop too and it autohides with a slide-in/slide-out animation much like what you get with nexus ultimate, so no unneeded desktop clutter and when you need it you just mousebump and it slides into view
  3. damn thats ALOT of views it seems as if theres an interest in my request made , perhaps somebody would like to make this for me ? and for all the other members to enjoy? itd be very much appreciated ,thanks a merry christmas and a happy new year in advance yall! and keep up the good work on this kick-ass software
  4. it means overanalyzing words that arent meant as a negative thing ...oh boy!..people nowadays are all uptight what gives? and dont ask me what overanalyzing is or ill have to link you to a dictionary .... now can we get back to the threads subject , anyone wanna take my request on? i already made a extra thread for it thou btw, and im usually the last that bugs people bout requests but this is important to me, peace and stay fresh yall aida64 the best pc monitoring app period!...
  5. yeah please do point them to this thread itd be helpful
  6. somebody has to take on this request of mine could you make this layout into a sidebar gadget? http://www.asusrog.c...84&d=1311444163 ,i just love the ROG layout from asus the colours all of it its just magical, im a real rog junky since i fell in love with the design , i got the cpu-z rog version and gpu-z rog version must i say anything more , since the sensor panel doesnt support transparancy ,thanks in advance
  7. dummy was just a saying like: of course bro what else .... youre being overobservative here my friend ...oh boy that will be very difficult seeing as i use a dreamscene aka a moving background -.-', i am using a legal copy -.-' p.s: i use this for the exact same reasons as you mentioned exspecially for the system monitoring since im a pc enthusiast mainly ocing his setup and aida64 is the perfect companion to monitor everything for stability anyhow my request still stands and itd be much appreciated , thanks in advance yall
  8. of course not exactly the same way you dummy...everything except the name asus and republic of gamers , the rest stays but its a killer concept you gotta admit tbh im not really a fan of this sensorpanel thing its nothing else than the sidebar gadget just without the support for transparency , so if somebody would like to make this , please consider doing it as a sidebar gadget, or find a way to introduce transparency xD , love aida64 got the extreme edition thou as said the gui is fugly at best and windows 95/98 much ?...not to mention the sensor panel being a marginal improvement in visuals over the sidebar the only thing improved about it is the startup splash screen , lol ,you gotta do better than that if you want more customers,look at what asus is doing with its gui designs for example seriously this isnt the 90´s anymore guys, peace update: my bad meant the extreme edition not extreme engineer forgot that the engineer was the corporate license one they both sound almost the same got them mixed up
  9. somebody has to take on this request of mine could you make this layout into a sensor panel? http://www.asusrog.c...84&d=1311444163 of course all vertical kindoff like what tri tech dynamics did,i just love the ROG layout from asus the colours all of it its just magical, im a real rog junky since i fell in love with the design , i got the cpu-z rog version and gpu-z rog version must i say anything more , or edit the sidebar gadget to look like it ,that would be even better since the sensor panel doesnt support transparancy ,thanks in advance
  10. well about the sensorpanel being able to display as a vertical strip is nice ok i guess ill be using the sensorpanel afterall but if anyone could add some more eyecandy to the layout as i mentioned earlier id be happy , keep it up guys all youre hard work is very much appreciated
  11. well to be honest i tried the sensor panel but i actually prefer the vertical strip instead of this box type of display window and with the sidebar i can do that or the osd , anyhow i mainly use it to monitor all my hardware , and it would be very much appreciated for gui improvements, the huge display box aka sensorpanel isnt doing it ...kinda p.s: not transparent 3d glass , what i meant is the graphic styles , transparency , glass effects aka reflection like effects , and 3d not literally 3d just make it look not as if it came from the atari era just some constructive feedback btw youd sell double too if it would be more pleasing to the eye , just trying to help and get this goin , i mean if we all was for simple and plain looking then weed all be running windows 95
  12. or the sensorpanel whatever but dont you guys think you could do some more polish on the gui itself common windows 95 is dead, its the time of 3d graphics, and transparency , glass effects, rounded edges etc etc common i know you can do better than this yall , peace and still aida64 is my nr.1 monitor, didnt mean for you to copy asus ai 2 suit i meant to go into the art direction all modern programs are going asus ai suit 2 was just an example mostly cause i loved the way they made it look not its usability since the ai suit kinda sucks to be honest rock on!!
  13. well i was hoping youd give the sidebar gadget one last polish
  14. how bout a sidebar gadget that looks like the asus ai 2 suit of course without any name from asus not to get into any licensing issues ,just the look itself itd be epic, dont you think , and a much needed visual overhaul too id say
  15. got a rampage 3 extreme , found out ai2 suit wont even work on it -.-' and the ai 1 suit looks horrendous -.-' would there be a way to make a sidebar gadget that looks like the red ai 2 suit with its nice red slick look for aida64 , please
  16. ok shall do asap ,thanks i hope they do this is important to me...-.-'
  17. nice and good but how exactly would i go about doing that?...some elaboration would be nice
  18. mostly cause i wanted a kickass interface for my aida64 since the default isnt exactly appealing to the eye if you understand , where not in the windows 95 era any more -.-' anybody have suggestions on how to be able to use the ai suit with my aida64 so i can use the beautiful ai suit to see my rig readings instead of the fugly interface aida64 comes with exspecially the sidebar gadget blarghhh, or the not much better sensor panel -.-' compared to the ai suit, peace
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