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  1. How can you not reproduce this bug? This happens in 3 pcs I own. Aida64 detects no CPU usage or it jumps right to 100%. As you can see I'm not using beta versions of BIOS or insider builds of windows. Just using latest release versions. Even if the bug is Microsoft fault, it's hard to believe you cannot reproduce the issue. And also, why is this bug only with Aida64? MSI afterburner shows CPU usage just fine and i don't see any issue with hwinfo getting CPU usage correctly. Having that said. Even if Microsoft changed something that is causing this issue, if other 3rd party apps are able to work where your software is not... i think you need to do something about it. It's always easier to point fingers...
  2. Hello, I got a corsair hx1500i and it looks like aida64 cant get any of the sensors information. I had a corsair rm1000i and everything was working fine. Can some1 help me?
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