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  1. Hello. After restarting the computer gadget changes the color to default color (Win 7 x64)
  2. That's what I mean: P.S. And color fill has changed not for the better = ((both screen - dark blue) beta 2.20.1834 -> final 2.20.1800 ->
  3. The latest beta description of the devices and indicators in the Russian (Ukrainian and maybe other) languages ​​have ceased to be placed in the gadget. Thanks.
  4. Now everything is showing correctly. Thank you very much =)
  5. Fiery, I saved the information in the tab sensor in the report. And the fact that you asked for second did as you wrote=) Report.txt isasensordump.txt
  6. Good evening. The problem is that the OSD panel does not properly display the temperature of the motherboard. I have a ASUS P7P55D-E. Namely, the temperature of the motherboard matches one to one with a temperature of CPU. If the CPU temperature soared to 55 and then the temperature of the motherboard 55. That is, the temperature of the motherboard and CPU are one to one, always. As if I had only displays the temperature of the processor. CPU - 47 motherboard - 47 , CPU - 51 motherboard - 51 , CPU - 65 motherboard 65. And so on, that is one to one =) It is not that the motherboard per degree
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