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  1. That did not work fiery. The program won't even quite when I select "Close Window". I have to kill it via the task manager.
  2. Hi Fiery Thanks for responding. Ok, I did that and I see the program load on the main screen but after it loads I get the Icon on my toolbar but it won't display.
  3. Hi. Does anybody have an idea on this. I am running Win 7, 64 bit and after I installed AIDA64 it shows up on my task bar. When I click to run it, the halo around the icon displays showing that the program is running, but it will not display on the monitor. When I hold the cursor over the icon I can see the AIDA64 screen display on the 1 x 2 inch preview window but I cant get the screen to display so I can't use it. I am running multiple monitors on my system and it is installed on my Primary monitor. Very weird. I believe the multiple monitor setup is the culprit.
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