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  1. I spoke too soon. I ran Aida64 overnight. After 5 hours the system crashed. The bios screen had the following message: "Power supply surges detected during the previous power on. Asus anti-surge was triggered to protect system from unstable power supply unit! Press F1 to run setup." This is without Asus AiSuite II installed. I installed a new Asus Sabertooth z77 motherboard, a new Corsair AX860 power supply, new RAM, new SSD, new UPS, and new computer case. I was getting the same error with my previous Asus p8z77-v Pro motherboard. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks, I did uninstall AiSuite II. I ran Aida64 Extreme for 20 hours with no problems. That appears to be the problem. I will run it again over night. Thanks for your help.
  3. Yes I do. AiSuite II is installed on the Sabertooth z77 system.
  4. When I run Aida64 Extreme v2.8, after a while the system reboots and the Asus Sabertooth z77 bios says, "asus anti-surge detected an unstable power supply unit on last start up." I have replaced the mother board, power supply unit, ram, hard drive, video card, case, pure sine wave UPS, and re installed from installation disk Win 7. I am running Intel i7 3770k at stock with Corsair H60 water cooler. Can Aida64 be triggering a "false" positive to the mother board about unstable psu? I have same problem with Asus p8z77-v Pro mother board.
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