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  1. we are buying the 10 licenses can also be used in preference / scheduled time (once a day). Its hiding the systray icon?
  2. Hello, I am not able to collect the audit information from the network, you can help me please. I am using this command line: \\server\AIDA64 Business Edition\aida64.exe /r \\server\report\$HOSTNAME /CSV /AUDIT /SAFE /SILENT shared folder on the server xp, and AIDA64 and report folder
  3. Remote monitoring and remote control for full operation and have the necessary AIDA64 on each desktop?
  4. ok, I have 10 desktops. I have to install AIDA64 on all desktops will make doing the audit? help me what should I schedule the command line on the desktop? example uses the file server named SERVER
  5. how can I collect data from a network without being in the domain, could explain more details. I honestly do not understand the manual.