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  1. UPDATE: It actually turns out that my GPU temperature is actually correct and only the cpu and memory are wrong (-1 and 255). So I guess it has to do with Logitech being buggy with my motherboard? Also as additional info, in the AIDA64 GUI, my temp for the CPU individual cores are correct, but the CPU overall shows -1 Celsius like I said. Then the entry for the memory temp is gone! It doesn't even show up which is why it shows 255 I guess. I reappears though if I restart the program.
  2. Well you seem to be right because it still happens. Does this happen with all G15's or just my hardware setup?
  3. Thanks. I figured out that as you said you changed the way a few things were configured which move some of my items due to the addition of the "Total Width" with set the gap between the label and the value. I am now on the latest beta with my LCD configured properly and will check to see if the behavior still occurs.
  4. I just updated to the latest beta but when I did it broke it more by shifting the items way to the right (but still showed the same coordinates in the preferences so it couldn't move it back to the left anymore) so I reverted back to the stable for now. 1. I am running on Intel's Bad Axe 2 D975XBX2 and an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 2.66 GHZ Quad Core 2. I use a ATI/AMD RADEON HD 5770 by Sapphire 3. Yes I have a 1TB external USB Hard Drive (My Book Elite) 4. I am running Logitech Gaming Software 7.00.291 EDIT: I just updated my Logitech drivers to the latest (8.00.127) and will see if it
  5. Hi, I am running Windows 7 64 bit with the Logitech G15 (second revision) keyboard with the black and white monochrome LCD panel. After awaking my computer from sleep, the temperature reading on the LCD panel shows CPU: -1 degrees Celsius, GPU: 42 degrees Celsius, and Mem: 255 degrees Celsius. It shows these same temps every time, and upon further examination, the program (meaning opening the AIDA64 window from the task bar) also shows these incorrect readings. The problem resolves itself if I restart it but as you can imagine that gets very annoying.
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