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  1. Can you try to reproduce this same issue with the new catalyst 11.9 and AIDA64 1.85 stable release? It would be interesting, because I know a man who has some contacts in AMD.
  2. I can reproduce this issue also on a notebook with Windows Vista Premium x32.
  3. My pc is part of a local area network. For home purposes. OS in question is Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. Edit: with netplwiz command I can see a window reporting me that my username account is associated to Homeusers and Administrators group. This could explain the behavior? Personally I don't like & use Windows 7 Home Group. Maybe this has been done automatically by Win7. Hope this helps.
  4. In server tab > logon screen, I can see the same user repeated twice. (i.e. I logged with username Rafael, but in logon screen I see two users named Rafael, with the same Logon Server RAFAEL-7 and the same Logon Domain Rafael-7). Why this repetition? A username should be univocal. Thank you.
  5. Is it just my system, or this feature is broken? http://i56.tinypic.com/2mgurzt.png Thank you. Windows 7 x64.
  6. I'd like an improved support for more products, including: -Main Adobe products (i.e. photoshop) -Nero -Main Slysoft products -Winpatrol / MBAM and SAS (to show in the security tab list) Some free system information tools can detect easily most of these license keys. Also, the audio/video codecs don't detect any external codecs (for example K-lite Codec pack). Thank you.
  7. Scheduled tab now is displayed correctly, but I can't use the double click feature to modify task properties. However, not all scheduled tasks are shown (for example all complete Windows tasks are missing).
  8. Scheduled function in AIDA64 1.85 not working. I think this image is sufficient to explain the issue: http://i54.tinypic.com/330vgjp.png Thank you. Windows 7 x64.
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