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  1. Any word on this? I know that this feature is probably not important for many people but I really like Aida64 and I don't use any other application. And I want all the sensors to show on my lcd. Thanks
  2. Hello, I have one question about the lcd fonts (I have a G15 keyboard). In Rivatuner and MSI afterburner, if you enable lcd stats, it will display the info using a font called '6x4', this font is tiny and readable at the same time. I've been trying to have the same font to be displayed by aida64 but 1) I cant find the '6x4' font so I can use it in aida64. 2)I can't find any similar fonts! Here is how aida looks: (2 different fonts) riva: Any idea how can I make Aida look like riva? Thanks FinalWire,
  3. Hello, I'm a long time AIDA64 user and I have a question, is there any way that I can group items in OSD? For example I have: CPU1 Utilization: 1% CPU2 Utilization: 1% . . CPU8 Utilization: 1% I want them to be on one line, like: CPU Utilization: 1%,1%,1%,1% Is this doable? Thanks
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