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  1. Has anyone else tried installing AIDA64 on a Surface Book? When I installed it, there was a strange bug I couldn't resolve. The screen would blink every few seconds and the "Autorotate" message would be displayed each time. I believe it coincided with sensor updates.
  2. I would like to see the option to use the old configuration method. Your changes put some limitations on things that result in it being impossible for me to get my display back to the way it looked without using some workarounds that shouldn't be neccasary. For example, my up time used to be displayed with the label to the left of the value (e.g. 'Up Time 8:01:23'), now I am forced to have the label to the right of the value unless I want to use a seperate static label meaning one more element to tweak whenever I make changes to the layout. There is zero documentation on the new configuration method that I could find. The help file still shows the old method. Are we expected to poke and hope? Don't get me wrong, I love the capabilities the new method provides, however, the ability to take advantage of it on the G19 LCD is limited due to space. regardless, without documentation, it's dificult to do anything without royally screwing the layout up first resulting in more work to fix everything once you figure out the changes.
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