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  1. The Pos and Size key values looked okay, so I only deleted PrefWindowState, which was at 1. This solved the problem. The preference window now appears and operates normally. The PrefWindowState key was recreated with a value of 0. I tried playing around with the settings a bit more, hoping I could find out how exactly I managed to break it, but couldn't break it again so far. It may be connected to the "minimize/close to tray" functionality, I think that wasthe setting that I was toying around with right before the problem occurred - but I can't seem to reproduce it. Thanks for the lightning
  2. Wow - extremely fast reply, especially considering your location. I haven't tried the beta version, will do so and report the results. In the registry, I had only found two paths containing Aida keys, in the folders LEGACY_AIDA64DRIVER and AIDA64DRIVER. The former was protected, and I deleted the latter. I just found out that there are several more Aida entries in the registry - I had overlooked those because the next search result after the folder I deleted was another folder named LEGACY_AIDA64DRIVER, and I mistakenly thought that the search had returned to the first folder. So if there's
  3. Today I tried Aida and was impressed by its features. I played around a bit with the preferences. However, suddenly the preferences window became inaccessible. When I now click on File -> Preferences, the following happens: - The Aida window stays as-is, but loses focus - A new "window" labeled "Preferences" appears in the lower left corner of the screen. This window has no content area. It just consists of the title bar (complete with icon, title, and min/max/close buttons). This window gains focus. - Aida immediately becomes non-responsive. Clicking on the Preferences "window" or anywh
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