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  1. @Fiery - Now that you have the RAID information, when do you think that a new build of AIDA64 Extreme will be released incorporating these changes? I will also be happy to test a beta build and see if it works and reports properly. Please let me know. Cheers! P.S. The edit of the AIDA64.INI worked, so 5.97 is installed and starts as expected.
  2. No. All three systems have only one SATA drive (each) based off the internal RAID controller on the motherboard. I am unsure why it is working in RAID mode - I noticed that in the POST upon boot. How can I turn that off? TIA
  3. @Fiery - Here are some details on the RAID Controller. If you need more specific information, please tell me. I will try the temporary modifications to the AIDA64.INI file, as suggested. Looking forward to your findings... Thanks!
  4. @Fiery A response would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  5. Hey Fiery - Thanks for the response. Followed your instructions precisely. 5.97 Engineer did come up with a splash screen before the test system locked the same way as in Extreme. The startup seemed to scan almost everything, before hanging on "AIDA64". Here is the output of the StartupLog.txt (after the reboot.): [2018-04-09 15:02:29] <TEST-PC> Startup begin [2018-04-09 15:02:29] <TEST-PC> LoadIcons [2018-04-09 15:02:30] <TEST-PC> SetupDi_ReenumerateDevices [2018-04-09 15:02:30] <TEST-PC> LoadLLKDDriver [2018-04-09 15:02:30] <TEST-PC> LoadDataFile [2018-04-09 15:02:32] <TEST-PC> LoadBIOS [2018-04-09 15:02:32] <TEST-PC> LoadDevices [2018-04-09 15:02:33] <TEST-PC> LoadPCI [2018-04-09 15:02:34] <TEST-PC> BeforeBenchmarks [2018-04-09 15:02:35] <TEST-PC> RoundedCPUClock [2018-04-09 15:02:35] <TEST-PC> ScanAllCPUs [2018-04-09 15:02:35] <TEST-PC> CPUMultiplier(0) [2018-04-09 15:02:35] <TEST-PC> AfterBenchmarks [2018-04-09 15:02:35] <TEST-PC> LoadSMART [2018-04-09 15:02:35] <TEST-PC> LoadRAID [2018-04-09 15:02:35] <TEST-PC> SMARTList_RemoveRedundantEntries I await your findings, thanks. Compumind
  6. One other thing - What internal changes were made from 5.95.4500 Extreme to 5.97.4600 that might impact this issue in rare cases? Could Norton Internet Security be the cause? I have it on all 3. No luck even in Safe Mode, as previously mentioned. Please keep in mind that I'm talking about 3 XP3 machines here. No problem with Windows 7. Thanks.
  7. Hello Fiery - Thanks for taking the time to look into this for me. Very strange indeed. Is there a simple tool that I can run right before starting the new version of AIDA that can help trap the problem? If available, please let me know and I will run it and attach the logs. Compumind
  8. Hmm... You have a great product and I would like to run it. Please don't forget about me, thanks.
  9. Just a heads-up - Disabled AV/Firewall and other programs in Safe Mode. Also using Acronis True Image 2016 for backup on demand. Same symptoms as above. Awaiting your response. Thanks. P.S. Others can chime in, too! I don't understand why the new revision doesn't work.
  10. Hi Fiery - Ran Hardware Diagnostic from 5.95.4500 Extreme. I have attached the file in .txt format and also emailed it back to Support with the previously assigned Ticket Number. Kindly advise. Thanks. XP Box Report.txt
  11. Hi there! Clean install of AIDA64 Trial on 3 XP, SP3 boxes, fully updated configurations. Install went just fine, using your .exe download. When trying to start the app, there is only a small red "64" box in my system tray and then the system is totally hung. Managed to see the Main Screen only once. No choice but to do a hard reboot. When using the version previous to this one, namely 5.95.4500 Extreme, all is perfect. I submitted a ticket, but I would like to confirm with other users. TIA!
  12. Hi there! Under "Security" there is a data field and product omission. For example... My AV is detected correctly (and version) as is my FW, except that there is a "?" under Status for the FW. I am using Norton Internet Security 2011. The FW Status field should say "Enabled." Under Anti-Spyware and Anti-Trojan, there is no detection of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware which is resident on my system. However, SUPER AntiSpyware is correctly detected. This needs to be addressed. I am running Windows XP, SP3, fully updated. That's it so far! Kindly advise, thanks.