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  1. Why not add an option in "File - Preferences - Language", such as "Display Native Language Names"? Maybe it is the best solution till now.
  2. Are you serious? If you want to change SensorPanel temperature unit from Fahrenheit into Celsius, first you have to go to "File - Preferences - Hardware Monitoring" and select "Display temperatures in Fahrenheit", and then show the SensorPanel and... If you want to change SensorPanel temperature unit back into Fahrenheit, you have to do the opposite with so many clicks. Do you think that is a good idea? Another four problems: 1. "File - Preferences - Language": Why do you add native language names after its English language names? Those native language names can not be displayed just as t
  3. I have tried what you said in another way before: Right click on the Panel (not on the Panel item) and seek for a "one-click-for-all" solution. But it seems that does not work. What you mean is that one can only change one item each time? That is not a good idea.
  4. But where "to manually change the displayed unit text for each temperature SensorPanel item"?
  5. Your USB Adapter must be USB 1.0? If this is true, eject your USB Adapter, and everything goes fine.
  6. The default SensorPanel temperature unit set by FinalWire is Celsius. If change it to Fahrenheit, temperature number is Fahrenheit, but the unit is still Celsius.
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