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  1. Yes i know that, but i am using a program called rainmeter that reads the registry value and displays them on screen
  2. I see, i dont suppose there is a way to display the effective frequencies?
  3. I'm using aida64 registry sensor values to monitor temps and clocks on a Msi Gtx 570 Twin Frozr III Power Edition, Aida is reporting the memory clock value wrong. Msi Afterburner reads = 770mhz (core) 2000mhz (memory) 1540mhz (shaders)........3D Profile Msi Afterburner reads= 51mhz (core) 135mhz (memory) 101mhz (shaders.........2D Profile Aida64 Registry Value = 770mhz (core) 1000mhz (memory) 1540mhz (shaders).......3D Profile Aida64 Registry Value = 50mhz (core) 67mhz (memory) 101mhz (shaders) ......2D Profile Anyway i can put this right, any help greatly appreciated!
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