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  1. Problem is completly solved. Everything works now fine. Thank you for your work. Greetings.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Latest beta did not solve the problem. But it is little better. If you have AIDA64 running and you disconnect external hard drive then temperature still freeze in last value. If you close AIDA and run it again then in first secon last remembered temperature value is showing than change to 0. It would be great if AIDA64 can change temperature to 0 after hard drive discconect when application is running how it was few betas ago. Thank you.
  3. I use 1.85.1649 version. I notice that this problem exitst until last few betas. I am on 64 Bit Windows 7 Ultimate. Thank You.
  4. Hi, i found bug in writing sensor values to WMI. It is related to do external hard drive. It shows correct values when hard drive is connected to PC but when you unplug it then WMI still shows last temperature value even if you turn off application and turn on it again without the drive. I use WMI with Samurize software. Any chance to fix that? Best regards
  5. Great Job. Version 1.20.1170 fixed the issue. Thanks again. Greetings.
  6. Lates beta of AIDA64 version 1.20.1165 did not fix it. Any chance for fix it in next betas? Thank you.
  7. Hi, i want report bug which i found. Here is my situation: On my computer AIDA64 starts with windows by ticked option "Load AIDA64 at Windows startup" in settings. If computer starts with USB hard drive already plugged in then everything is OK, AIDA64 recognize USB hard drive, shows temperature and you can look into S.M.A.R.T. values of this drive. You can plug off USB hard drive and after plug in, drive is still visible in AIDA64. The problem is when i start my computer without USB hard drive plugged in. Then after plug in USB hard drive AIDA64 does not show temperature for it, it is not in
  8. My bad, I made mistake and download Bussiness version. Of course Extreme version has export values to WMI. Thanks for your reply. Good work with this new AIDA64. Greetings.
  9. Hi, good to hear that there will be Everest successor. I have one, quick question for now before i will buy it. Any chance for writing sensor values to WMI as we know it from Everest? Greetings.
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