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  1. Ah, no it wasn't a duplicate. I'm not that guy, and I don't know that language. However, thanks alot for adding it. :) Sorry for posting a late answer.
  2. It would be nice if the Uptime page had a "Last Downtime" or something. The contents should be the difference between Last Boottime (iow, when the current session was started) and Last Shutdown. Regards
  3. Now it works here too (and yes, it was that url). It didn't for the last few days, and that was with empty cache (ccleaner). The one I got earlier had an empty "Downloads" section, and below the "Beta Downloads" header it said "there aren't any beta downloads at the moment" (or something like that).
  4. I was wondering why all the downloads are gone except the "try now" links? Beta, Downloads, and Downloads Archive is empty. I'm using FF 35.0.1.
  5. Thank you.. It seems to be working fine here, and it's in all locations I mentioned
  6. @Fiery, thanks I really do appreciate the effort. I agree with you in that it would be a firmware flaw. However, it seems it won't be fixed very soon. Instead they seem to go as far as recommending so called "green" software, i.e software than can be adjusted or is already made in a way so it won't be woken unnecessarily often. I guess they haven't seen too many rma's with this as the cause, so they still haven't found the need for an update. If that should change.. Now, even if aida does "contribute", if it doesn't poll smart data more often than it's set to do in prefs (unless its a forced refresh, ie F5 on the SMART page), aida can be set so the effects would neglible at most. I've currently set it to 1800 as I don't have very hot drives as they're storage not performanced drives, and they're ventilated by more than one fan, so if they should stop, I probably have more serious issues than a drive being hot. The new drives seems to be less than 30C most of the time and the others are <32C. Edit: the drives went to sleep, even if aida was running and displaying lcd items (something its never done before), but woke as soon as I clicked the summary page. The latter should most likely be expected as it is a manual action, and not an automatic repeated action such as lcd/osd items and similar. The lcd isn't set to display hd temps.
  7. I guess you're really talking about labels. Aida already uses the drivenames (as in model name), hence the issue when having multiple identical drives. The trouble with this one is that a disk can have multiple partitions/volumes, in other words, it might not be so good. Which partition should it fetch the label from? I have three drives with identical labels due to same kind of content, so it wouldn't do so good here. Relabeling them is easy, but the previous question still remains. Using the same numbering as physical drives, or using the serialnumber of it it would be enough to uniquely know which drive is which just by seeing them, no matter what partitions are on it or not.
  8. well, I was wondering since speedfan had this issue (i.e fast lcc count stopped after stopping/disabling speedfan), and based on the description in the link, and the explanation at Here I wouldn't be too surprised. "And polling SMART values does wake up a HDD from unload mode or spin it up if it's spun down." The thread I mentioned is rather old, but it seems to be similar in behavior to what I see on my end. After aida was shut down I've had my computer running for 8-10 hours (I think). Biggest lcc now 301 (28 increase). Assuming it started at 0 when I first installed/added them it's quite a bit of slowdown I guess. Refreshing the SMART page (F5, then reselect the "WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0" drive) with 10+ secs between each seems to increases the counter. Edit: Some additional info regarding this from WDC (my drive is affected) here. There is a link to a page linking to to wdidle3 there, but that download contains a strongly worded warning not listing my hd, so I don't dare use it.
  9. Does aida64 wake the harddrives (unload heads) to read the temperatures, and is there a way to disable (or extend time between) the hd polling? I'm asking because I have several WD green drives, and this seems to be similar to what was/is the issue with speedfan and aida64 runs continously (displays on g15 screen, no hd items defined). I installed 2x brand new WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0 (1 in WD Elements 2TB, and 1 in a esata enclosure) yesterday, and the LCC count so far is 273 and 102. Not sure if this is on the high side considering the time they've been used (about 16 hours). Some info related to the issue Regards
  10. Hello.. this has had me a bit confused recently as both the Sensor and LCD config page doesn't display anything but the model/name of the harddrive such as "WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0" and nothing else. If you have two or more of the same drive, then its not easy to pinpoint which is which in those pages. May I suggest that at least when there are identical drives, then the serialnumber (or drivenumber from "Physical drives") is added to it, either directly or as a tooltip to differenciate them? Regards
  11. Apparently this was a success.. Updates until 10.11.2011. So I guess it means all major and minor versions until then. Nice, and thanks for the assistance.
  12. Nice. Btw, will the new license have the same maintenance period as the key it is derived from? In my case 10.11.2011
  13. Just to report back. Well, I did get a key, although it doesn't seem to activate 1.20.1150 nor 1.20.1155 (OK button is and stays disabled). I did send a support request regarding this though. Btw, the email I got with the key didn't mention anything about maintenance period.
  14. This sounds rather good, and is more in line with what I'm expecting from you (as it is you in particular I've dealt with when I had issues etc). Is there/will there be a webpage or something where I can easily convert it? I guess this post might have been an overreaction from my side, but as it pointed to an issue which might have been overseen, maybe it was just as well. Regards
  15. So I noticed you've change the name of the product. No notification was given (so there was no free upgrade path due to no way of knowing about the "free conversion campaign") and I've still got over a year left on the license due to the campaign you ran last year. So much for that.... I can't say I'm very pleased however due to the above. Everest was a good product, but if the company starts pulling fast ones (as it seems to me) then I guess I'm better without. I guess I have to swallow my loss (upgrades to the product) and move on. -- Trust isn't easily gained, but it is easily lost.
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