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  1. Ok thanks. It seems to work better now, but still there some issue with the missing Aida64 icon. I just have to learn to live with it for now Love the idea and flexibility. I've tried to locate "my" resulotion but can't find any info. Do you mean the splash screen when i'm using Remote sensor?
  2. So i'm having problem with not one computer, but two? And also three android devices? That sounds wierd.
  3. So a new LGS update is out and it seems to work now. The connection problem is gone. But my problem is still there :/ Time to time, like 2 out of 3 times the Aida icon is missing in Arx. I've even tried it on my server with a different setup and same problem. My gaming rig is even newly formated.
  4. Oh sweet. I will give it a try later on. The preview piucture looks great and as i want it, but in Arx it looks cropped and the font size is way to big. I'm using my Xperia Z2 atm with 1080x1920 as resolution. I can post some screen later on. But here comes a new problem. Logitech released a new LGS version yesterday with a new firmware for the G910 keyboard, and now i can't find the Aida64 icon as before. I've tried everything but it wont appear :/
  5. That's the only thing i'm 100% sure of I even disabled all other applets. But i have solved the problem. Even if it sounds wierd, here's what i did. *First i re-installed LGS - That did not help *Cleared the Arx app cache - That did not help *Clean install of Arx app, even removed all folders left behind after un-install - That did not help So one day at work, way out of reach of my Wi-fi, i accidently started Arx controll. And ofc it complained about there's no Wi-fi to reach. So i force closed the app. LAter on that day when i was home i started Arx controll again, and voila. It worked. The Aida64 icon are visible now, but in the middle in the bar. I don't know what happened or why it works now, but not before. Just a heads up for others who has the same problem, try this out So one more question. Why can't we use a custom picture as background? Also, there's something wrong with the preview screen and the real thing. I've made everything perfect in the preview, but it looks crap on the phone, and yes, i've changed the resolution.
  6. Same problem with my Pad. Would be great to solve this problem before i buy the program :/
  7. As i guessed then But there seems to be a problem then. I don't have that button, and i can't find anything in the option. Just re-installed Logitech Gaming Software so that's not the problem.
  8. Wait what.. What Aida64 splash? Aida64 5.00.3300 is installed on the computer. I launch Logitech Arx control, and this is what i see. This is the default ARX screen even when your not using Aida64. Or is there a Aida64 app for the smartphone that i have to use?
  9. Just downloaded the latest trial version to try out the ARX compability. I've enabled "Logitech ARX LCD" option and made some settings, but still there's only the default ARX value that are showing on my phone. What have i missed?
  10. Well, i've always learned that the VRAM data is mirrored to both GPU's. So if you have 2x3 GB graphic cards, you still only have 3 GB
  11. Hmm i might misunderstand you since English is not my spoken language But dedicated GPU memory is the actually vram on my GPU, and dynamic is borrowed from my RAM modules? My iGPU is disabled and never been used. I'm just running with my 7970 CF EDIT: Thing i've mentioned it before, but thanks for a great program. It's a life savier with my Logitech G15
  12. Don't know how this is possible. But Aida64 tells me "when i'm gaming" that i've used up to 3802 MB dedicated GPU memory and 439 MB dynamic memory. Only thing is that my card only have 3 GB which would be around 3072 MB? Running with 4.20.2800 and i noticed this since day onewith my AMD 7970.
  13. 4.00.2731 beta seems to work fine. Tried 4.00.2700 and that resulted in the same error message as before.
  14. Well after a couple month using of Aida64 v3.00.2500 i also suddenly recieved this error message. Before that it worked great, and i have no idea what causing it. I have never installed AI Suite and no new programs that should interfere with Aida. Only thing i suspect is either a new driver or some Windows update that's behind the problem. Disabling ATKEX didn't help either. EDIT: Did not see that this problem was for a Asus Sabertooth P67 mobo. I have a ASUS P8Z77-V PRO, Socket-1155
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