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  1. I use Windows 10 Education x64 with latest updates, version 14393.969 and Norton Security Premium latest verson I think for at least the last year AIDA doesn't report anything coherent about security products, in any case about Norton. Sometimes it reports it in one category, but now nothing anymore. Thanks, Hugo
  2. AIDA 5.90 (and before) does not recognise Norton Security or any other product of Norton, e.g. Norton Internet Security. It only sees Windows Defender and Windows Firewall, while these are off. Anti-Trojan gives no product at all. See attachment file. Regards, Hugo 20170402 Report AIDA64 - Security problem.txt
  3. Yes, AI suite is only for desktops. Only Asus ATK Package, Instant Key and Live Update are installed, all latest release. I have already excluded a lot of possible problems. To refrase my question : With some settings you already mention that they might lock up the system. Which settings in general are known to cause most system problems? So i can switch them off one by one to see if things improve. Regards, Hugo
  4. Thanks Fiery for your reply. Are there any specific settings, maybe related to Asus, from which it's known they might collide? Regards, Hugo
  5. Hello, I own an Asus N76VB laptop with an Intel I7-3630QM processor, which BSOD's sometimes. It has a Nvidia Optimus config with 2 GPU's. I set the 'Wake up GPU's at AIDA startup' to be able to monitor the NVidia GPU with Sensorpanel. After a lot of optimizing the drivers of the system and the latest Crucial update for my MX100 SSD, my laptop still BSOD's sometimes with a 0x9F code. When I run without AIDA64 the system seems to be more stable. Is there any chance that stability settings can cause the BSOD? I've added an overview of my settings in the attachment. Regards, Hugo
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