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  1. Hello, I just read out a Samsung HDD Smart values with AIDA64 on a Windows 7 Enterprise Version System (64bit) and got some pretty high temperature values ... see attached image. Looks like a bug in SMART Value read out ? Also many of the other values look strange to me - whats your opinion ? Best regards MMM
  2. Hello Fiery, sorry for posting twice a relatively similar question - anyhow I am surprised by your answer, why are certain values exportable and others are not ? The values are existing in AIDA64 but not regularly readout from the HD ? I wanted to use the application to test a PC in a system which had already his Harddisc broken 2 times in 4 years - so I want to try to analyse - is it a temperatur problem or are the Harddisks failing for another reason and if so I would like to avoid the breakdown of the HD and have the possibility to pre-see the upcoming problem - as I understood this sho
  3. Hello again, For the first problem with the help file - I found myself the solution - it was bloqued by the explorer - I unblocked it - ok. The second problem where in the registry is ok now too ... but how to get out the smart values ???? This stays not clear ... Another question - anybody having C# code for the shared memory read out ???? Thanks for some more information ...
  4. Hello, I tried Aida64 under Win7 Enterprise Edition (64bit) - first impression - good tool ! Then I tried to find how to export the values from the SMART HD info and the temperatures and Fan speeds. In the forum I found how to write values to the registry ... I activated it and tried to find where it wrote in the registry ... 1) I tried to go in the AIDA64 help but except of the index no help pages showed up ... why ? 2) The temperature informations can be written to the registry but not the SMART values ??? How can I export the SMART values - please ? Best regards and thanks for some he
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