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  1. Hello can any body help me to make the AIDA64 run in my client computer? I am not able to get the report.Please help me
  2. Hi Fiery I have gone through the pdf document but I find it difficult in doing that because the area where I got stuck is that I have installed the AIDA64 in client also I am confussed where to change the parameter in the Group policy manager? and also I would like to know how report of the client are collected in my server.
  3. Hi, I have a server with windows 2008 OS and in that I have installed AIDA64 bussiness edition, I installed AIDA64 in this server and it will be really help full if any body can tell me how I can get the report of other machines which are under the same domain. I have installed in client computer also and I followed the pdf also but I am not able to monitor the other other client computers.Please help me to sort out this issue and also if possible please let me know how to install in client computer also. Thank you.
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