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  1. That was just sample path. Thanks, I double-checked everything, now it looks like this: on end-user machines: schtask /create /tn check_running /tr \\somepath\collect.cmd /F /sc hourly /st 09:00 /ed #somedate# collect.cmd :start IF EXIST \\somepath\reports.ldb (goto wait) \\somepath\aida64.exe /R /custom \\somepath\processes.rpf /database /silent /safest /noicons goto end :wait start /MIN /wait timeout /t 30 goto start :end echo %time%, collect successful >> \\somepath\log.txt Note that you should change preferences - database or use /inifile \\path_to_inifile_for_aida64 Now it works Hope it will help someone else
  2. Pls provide a working example where aida64 puts reports over network to ms access database, I try >\\server-1\distrib\aida64b\aida64.exe /R /custom \\server-1\ distrib\aida64b\report\processes.rpf /database /silent /safest /noicons nothing happens. processes.rpf InfoPage="Operating System;Processes" i set path to my .mdb file in file-settings-database \\share\reports.mdb I'm trying to collect info using aida64 + windows task scheduler + ms access db Pls help
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