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  1. Thanks for the reply, I ended up using a runas with /savecred to get AIDA to start as non-elevated user (since task scheduler just simply never worked in this way). Cheers.
  2. Apologies for the slight necro here, however I'm having an issue with AIDA64 Extreme 2.80.2300. I have found that I have to be running as an administrator for the "Start with windows" item to work, which is fair enough it sets up a task schedule for it, however, the schedule it sets up is specific to the administrator. Changing this to my normal interactive user does not work - the closest I can get is aida64.exe running in the wrong session (not my interactive desktop) Is it possible to have a non-elevated user run AIDA64 via task scheduler whilst still having it run as admin? A slightly different track, will AIDA64 be split into service/client components to allow this sort of functionality
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