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  1. I think you are very close to the solution. I disable the Low-level SMART operations in the Stability preferences and the problem seems to be gone. I done that before reading your post, so I have not tried your solution. I find it strange that I did not try this before, has it is one of the 6 items that says it may cause crashes in rare cases. I still have the RAID SMART support enable. I am not sure, I will have to check when I get on site, if I can currently read any of the sensors from the SMART drives. I would suspect not, since you probably have to have the Low Level SMART operations enable to read things like temperatures and other things from any SMART drive even the none-raid ones. This brings me to another question, the different devices in the Stability section of the preference, where can I read more about what each one does? Perhaps also with a example of a device that the particular option deals with. For example, if I disable the Dell SMI sensor support on a ASUS motherboard, will I lose any read capabilities? Or is that item exactly what the tin says and only applies to Dell motherboards? Is there a chance that even if I don't have a Dell motherboard some of the component are from Dell and I need that options on some other none-Dell boards? The same goes for the Apple and Koolance items, If one does not have those items on a system, does it make AIDA64 perform its job better if they are disable even if they don't cause a crash or issues? I will do what you suggested, and make the interval of the Disk temp polling frequency longer after re-enabling the Low-level SMART operations. I will report back here once I have the result. Thank you
  2. When AIDA64 is running I get a blip or skip from time to time. A couple time a minute perhaps a bit less. I hear it in my head phones, it sounds like if sound for less than a second can't get decompress. And see it if I am in a game by losing a few frames. I tried to disable a few things in the Stability panel, like these: nVIDIA GPU SMBus access through nVIDIA ForceWare Change to 3D profile on nVIDIA video adapters Multi-GPU support I even tried with Load Kernel driver disable, none of those made a difference. I also tried a few other ones. It did not seem to change anything. I still get this little skip. It obviously much more obvious when I am in a game with fast screen updates, I am not sure if it does it in Windows, I actually don't think so. but it's possible that it does it. This is my hardware: ASUS Maximus IV Extreme P67 Chipset Intel i7 2600k 16 GB of RAM SSD in Raid 0 for boot drive Couple other mechanical hard rives Logitech G15 / G9X mouse The effect definitely stop as soon as I stop and exit AIDA64. Any help would be welcome.
  3. Here is an idea, on top of bars a nice idea would be gauges. Look at those from Solarwinds SNMP software.
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