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  1. It works properly, thank you for improving it.
  2. When you want to share the information to a/some foreigner(s) who can't speak your language, for discussion or bug repair, so on, then you need to change the language. But the treeview is folded, you have to reopen trees to find where the just a moment ago information is, and sometimes you didn't remenber its location. For example, if I reports an item in AIDA64 was detected wrong, I have to change the language to English and see what that item's name in English is. If I directly translate it from my mother tongue by myself, I'm not sure it's correct exactly and you may not know what it is. Ne
  3. In AIDA64 now, when the language is changed, the unfolded tree in the left colum folds back to the default. If it can keep the unfolding structrure after language changed, it will be more convinient a bit. Thanks.
  4. When AIDA64 running on Win 2000/XP/Vista/7, it has suitable icon styles for all such systems, and user can adjust them, that is so good! But in Windows 95/98, AIDA64 doesn't have an icon style for them yet. The icons looks over time on Win 95 system while other interface of the OS was still in the last century, even using the oldest Win 2000 style. I think if AIDA64 has an icon style which makes the icons old-fashioned like most old softwares in those passed 95/98 ages. Its interface will looks more cooperative on 95/98. Could you consider doing it? Thanks.
  5. 1.In the report viewing window, click "Save To File" button, and then found the title of the dialog "Save Report" can't be translated. 2. There are also three items in left bottom corner of "Submit Reports to FinalWire - AIDA64" with same problem. 3."Fav&orites"->"&Web" is present in lang_src.txt, but it has no translation effect. Please check if these are bugs, thanks.
  6. This is fixed, and sorry for my thanks late for three months.
  7. Several strings can't be translated in Language .txt file, such as "OK" and "NetUpdate". Even you write "OK=xxx" or "NetUpdate=xxx" in language\*.txt file, it still remains OK and NetUpdate, not all languages directly call OK "OK". Please fix this.
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