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  1. For convenience/quick access, it would be nice to have "Include debug information in the report" checkbox available in the report wizard (or at least in the custom profile). In report wizard this could be a temporary, per-session setting that is overridden by the permanent setting in Preferences each time you open report wizard.
  2. I created a custom report using the wizard and saved it in MHT format. The images look great! Then I saved and reopened from the file, but all images are replaced by placeholders. Any way to fix this?
  3. Thanks for all your hard work and making this a remarkably smooth transition from Everest to AIDA64. I successfully converted yesterday. FYI: I experienced a slight anomaly after entering registration info on the license conversion webpage. The form remained stuck at "waiting..." status for several minutes (maybe heavy traffic?). I stopped the browser and tried entering the info again. This time the form returned an "attack" warning indicating an attempt to use the same registry key twice. OK, this wasn't very friendly message, but it made me realize my info had probably been received. Shortly after that, I saw the email with new license key so everything is good now.
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