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  1. mumak, thanks for your comment. But taking Fiery's definition and your statement into account together, I must logically resort back to my original assumption: that "CPU Package" reflects the hottest core on the board. But if you look closely at my above attached photo, you can clearly see that this must not be the case. And what other diode(s) on the die could be hotter than the Core itself (that the core Diode is measuring)? If what you are both saying is true, what am I missing here?
  2. After analyzing the behavior of the "CPU Package", it seemed to reflect the highest current temp of the hottest core. Now I'm not so sure.
  3. I happened upon a thread on an Overclock forum site regarding the running of more than one system monitor software at a time. The post stated this advice to a gentleman using four monitoring programs: “Only have one of those applications open at one time - this stops polling issues and read errors.†Since the thread was closed/locked, I couldn’t pose the following question, so I post it here. Does this wisdom apply with having AddGadgets’ “All CPU Meter†and AIDA64 SensorPanel both running at the same time in terms of both polling CPU utilization (usage)? Might there be polling issues and read errors?
  4. I created my first SensorPanel, but on my ASUS board the fan controllers are embedded and unavailable to AIDA64. I'm in the process of finding their location from ASUS designers, for later implementation into AIDA64. So I'll hold off on posting the actual SensorPanel file until fixed and Panel file actually contains the addresses for fan speed controllers. Until then, I post the Panel face. If you want a close-up view of this SensorPanel, I posted a video on YouTube at below link: youtube.com/watch?v=q28HdWFxZRU
  5. I am going to do my best to encourage ASUS to disclose the magic they are using. And I'll pass it to you ASAP. I expect it will be tedious working my way up the chain of command at ASUS, to find the right guy willing to share the methods.
  6. I also have a problem with Z9PE-D8 WS mobo in that fan speeds cannot be accessed. I have been reading this thread. I installed the IPMI driver from the "Enterprise driver CD" but still cannot get fan speeds to display. Don't know if this helps your "IPMI Driver" theory or not. My embedded ctlr dump repoort report looks the same as Sonixax's dump: mostly "blanks" or "FFFFF" etc.... If I contact ASUS Tech Support directly, what exactly should I ask them regarding this enbedded controller or IPMI Sensor issues? ALSO: How do I add a .jpg photo attachment to the post? I need the dialog sequence; the HELP instructions are challenging; they tell you what buttons/heading to click, but never on what panel or where to find these options. Spent 40 minutes seaching for uploading attachments.
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