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  1. AIDA64 Plugin for AlphaCool LCD

  2. AIDA64 Plugin for AlphaCool LCD

    I do mate and yes there own precision x monitors it you can even through up a map diagram were each sensor is that shows temps, only shows one fan speed but there is two speeds (default) but can be set in custom profile or set both the same. seems like EVGA are replacing all the ACX3.0 for ICX coolers, so it will be worth looking into as others may follow suit.
  3. AIDA64 Plugin for AlphaCool LCD

    always notice and fixes like that are welcomed indeed, i was going to post about it but the update came out, you beat me too it lol. one thing i do want to know is are you doing to add EVGA - iCX support ? would not mind adding this to the alpha and mega screens, well some of it
  4. Corsair Link Support

    There is a new link build out now i.e and it solves bugs on the corsair side
  5. AIDA64 Plugin for AlphaCool LCD

    The recent corsair link update solved the signal drop out on the i series psu's and the AIO cooler monitoring if peeps would like to know, as i thought it was a combined issue with aida64 and alpha/megtron driver problem my self but thats not the case
  6. AIDA64 Plugin for AlphaCool LCD

    nice one ,saves me finding another , works here as well also changed first page to that driver link
  7. AIDA64 Plugin for AlphaCool LCD

    Just checked the links they are gone all you need is the USB driver for aida64 , will setup a download link later. use winrar to extract http://www.megafileupload.com/ot72/USBDisplayDriverv21.zip
  8. when was the last time there was a reinstall of windows? might be worth upgrading to 10 as its free for now, to me this is not a aida issue as upgrading the mb can throw the sensor detect problem even a badly secured addon card
  9. Corsair Link Support

    oh support would be nice
  10. AIDA64 Plugin for AlphaCool LCD

    will do, i ran Hw monitor and the package was the overall temp so really it is pointless having Cpu temp showing just have the cores showing and package
  11. Cache stress test issue

    run the mem in XMP , the mb in auto config might be setting up the memory wrong i.e volts,timings ect.
  12. AIDA64 Plugin for AlphaCool LCD

    understand, well i have CPU and Cpu package on screen , if i run a cpu stress test which would be the most important one?
  13. AIDA64 Plugin for AlphaCool LCD

    when it says "Cpu package" in temp sensors is that the whole cpu temp? also just replace mb and cpu ect and added the old profiles 99% worked was well happy , with the old software i had to start from scratch, saved allot of faffing around i can tell you, also both screens work flawless on win 10 pro 64bit , had to install software for the SDC for it to work and only the alpha driver 2.1 needed installing.
  14. AIDA64 Plugin for AlphaCool LCD

    Running both sdc megtron and alpha now all is stable there also more responsive running direct as well, at least they will be easier to setup just using one software now, one thing on download and upload rate it would be great to have Mbps instead of Kbps on the Gauge item type. i have a second Alpha i know that works as i plugged it in and used software just i have got nowhere to put it due to no room in case or an external body to hold it,will look into that one.
  15. AIDA64 Plugin for AlphaCool LCD

    ah remember now the big update to the SDC was the brightness adjustment as it really is an updated alpha